A few questions we get often:

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Why the Ring Sling? What makes it so great?

The Ring Sling is the easiest and quickest way to wear your little babe. The fabric is short and manageable (it never needs to touch the ground). There's no wrapping or buckling involved and it can easily be put on by yourself. After some practice and use, putting on the sling can be done in a matter of just a few seconds. To see it in action, visit our tutorials page.

Are ring slings safe?

Yes! Our greatest concern is you and your baby's safety. WildBird slings are made from the highest quality aluminum rings and fabric available, each certified and tested to ensure your child's safety. However, like any baby carrier, proper use is required for safe babywearing. Please study and practice the recommended carrying techniques in our tutorial videos and in your instruction pamphlet.

How soon can I start to wear my baby in the sling?

Most newborns can be worn right away. If your baby has health challenges or weighs less than 8lbs you should discuss babywearing with your health care practitioner.

Up to what weight can I wear my baby?

We recommend wearing your baby up to a max of 35lbs.

Is the sling portable?

Yes, it can easily be wrapped up and fit inside a diaper bag or purse.

Are the metal rings interchangeable?

No. The rings are sewn into the sling.

How do I use my sling?

Visit our tutorials page for instructional videos.

I’m having trouble using my sling. Can you help?

Yes! Send us an email at info@wildbird.co and we’ll help with personalized troubleshooting.

Why are your slings made from linen?

Linen is the strongest natural fiber, it’s hypoallergenic and temperature regulating, and it’s easy to care for – everything we are looking for when carrying our precious little ones! Read more about linen and each of our fabrics on our fabric page.

How do I wash my sling?

Our slings can be hand or machine washed in cool water and hung to dry. Avoid using detergent with optical brighteners. See our care page for more details.

What is the length of your slings?

Our standard slings vary between about 74 - 77 inches long. We also offer longer 90 inch slings in select colors.

Where are your slings made?

Our slings are proudly made by stay at home moms in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Are you compliant?

Yes, we are CPSIA compliant and members of the BCIA.



Which sling should I get?

All our single layer slings would be a great choice if you're new to ring slings. Single layers are easier to adjust and learn, and many caregivers use them through toddlerhood and never "size up" to a double layer. Our best recommendation is to pick a sling you love the look of, because you'll be more likely to reach for it and use it! You can learn more about our fabrics here.

Which sling is the best choice for wearing in warm weather?

Our personal favorite for warm weather is our single layer 100% linen sling, but all of our slings do great in the heat due to the breathable properties of linen.

What is the difference between a single and double layer sling?

The single layer and double layer are both great for babies up to 35 pounds. The single layer sling is light, cool and breathable. Most people prefer the single layer for newborns and smaller babies. Double layer slings are thicker and heavier. That thickness provides lots of support and comfort, especially for carrying larger babies for longer durations of time. Double layer slings take longer to break in but they get nice and comfy once they are. Read more about our them on our fabrics page.

My baby is already over 20 lbs. Should I get a double layer sling?

We almost always recommend starting with a single layer sling, because they're easier to adjust and learn with (and many users use them through toddlerhood and never "size up"). Double layer slings are a little trickier to learn with and adjust, but they offer more support, especially for longer carries with bigger babies. So you could go either way - it just depends on your preference.



Do you offer discount codes?

We work hard to keep our everyday prices low, so discounts are only available during our sales. We normally have three or four sales a year.

Can I pre-order an out of stock sling?

We’re not able to accommodate pre-orders, but if the sling doesn’t have a restock date listed, please contact us and we can let you know when we expect it back in stock!

Can I choose a different ring color other than the one(s) offered?

No; our slings are already made with the ring options shown; we are not able to take custom orders.

What should I know about your sales, restocks, and product launches?

We experience large volumes of orders during our sales, restocks, and seasonal launches. Some items sell out very quickly. Adding an item to your shopping cart does not reserve that item – you must complete checkout to secure your purchase. Purchases made during our sales are final.

How do I return or exchange my sling?

You are entitled to an exchange or refund within 15 days of your delivery date (domestic and Canada orders only). Please note that the product must be returned in new, unwashed condition and in original packaging with all original tags. Email: info@wildbird.co with subject titled "Return" or "Exchange" and add your name and order number to the email body. We will reply with complete instructions. See more info about returns/exchanges in our Terms & Conditions.



Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide! We ship to Canada for $10 and the rest of the world for $15 for the first sling. Each additional sling is $5.

How will my sling ship?

We ship USPS Priority for US shipments and DHL Global for international orders.

How fast will I get my sling?

After your order is placed, it will be sent out in 1-2 business days (3-5 days during sales and product launches). You will receive an email notification when it ships with your tracking information. Your location will then determine the amount of shipping days. We can’t make guarantees regarding delivery dates, but in general, domestic orders normally take 1-3 business days and international orders normally take 10-12 business days (but can occasionally take longer depending on the destination). Nov 25 - Dec 25 shipping may take 15+ days. See more info about shipping in our Terms & Conditions.