With a baby on the way, Tayler (like most new Moms) did a lot of reading about pregnancy, newborns, breastfeeding etc. As a Nurse she really enjoyed health education and immediately fell in love with the benefits of babywearing! 

Tayler created WildBird out of a need for a functional, easy to use baby carrier that still carried a sense of style that parents would love to wear. Since day one, Tayler’s vision has always been to create beautiful, high quality baby carriers, while providing a carrier that was monetarily accessible to all parents.

Her drive to realize that vision is seen in the happy faces of customers all around the world. WildBird is a family owned company, comprised of Tayler, her husband Nate and sons Remy and Sage. The Gunn family lives in Carlsbad, CA. You can follow along with Tayler at ...