A few questions we get often:


Q. How fast will I get my sling?

A. Please allow 1-2 business days for your item(s) to ship. This means after your order is placed it will be sent out in 1-2 business days. Your location will then determine the amount of shipping days. You will receive an email notification when it ships. We ship USPS priority which takes 1-3 business days, however delivery date cannot be guaranteed. For international orders we ship USPS. Shipping time is usually 20+ business days. See more info about shipping in our Terms & Conditions.


Q: Are ring slings safe?

A: Yes! Our greatest concern is you and your baby's safety. WildBird slings are made from the highest quality aluminum rings and fabric available. Each certified tested to ensure your child's safety. However, like any baby carrier, proper use is required for safe baby wearing. Please study and practice the the recommended carrying techniques that come in the pamphlet with each sling and our tutorial videos


Q: How soon can I start to wear my baby? 

A: Most newborns can be worn right away. If your baby has health challenges or weighs less than 8lbs you should discuss babywearing with you health care practitioner.  


Q: Why the Ring Sling? What makes it so great? 

A: The Ring Sling is the easiest and quickest way to wear your little babe. The fabric is short and manageable (Doesn't have to touch the ground). There's no wrapping involved or buckling and can easy be put on by yourself. After some practice and use, putting on the sling can be done in a mater of just a few seconds. To see it in action, visit out tutorials page.


Q. Where are your slings made?

A : They are made in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Q: Up to what weight can I wear my baby? 

A: We recommend wearing your baby up to a max of 35lbs

Q: Why is the sling made out of linen?

A: Linen is made from flax. Flax is one of the strongest natural fibers. It is three times stronger than cotton. Linen is a woven fabric that never loses it shape. It is also highly recommended for children and adults due to a non-allergic feature which makes it a great microclimate for skin. In addition, linen is the most suitable fabric for hot summer climates because of it's cooling and refreshing effect. On the other hand it has a warming effect in winter. How? Flax absorbs sudden temperature changes and has outstanding moisture absorbency. Linen also protects skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Learn more about our fabrics here.


Q: How do I wash my sling?

A: We recommend washing by hand or in the machine in cool water on gentle cycle. Use a gentle liquid detergent free of optical brighteners.  Hang or lay flat to dry. Due to the nature of linen, it will dry wrinkled. You can iron the sling if desired.Be sure to unthread sling when washing. Put a sock over the rings while washing if desired.


Q: What can I do with the tail end of the sling?

A : You can simply leave the tail hanging or wrap it around the rings to get it out of the way. The tail can also be used as a nursing cover or sunshade. See out tutorials for an example.


Q: What is the difference between a single and double layer sling? 

A: The single layer and double layer are both great for babies up to 35 pounds. The single layer sling is light, cool and breathable. Most people prefer the single layer for newborns and smaller babies. Double layer slings are thicker and heavier. That thickness provides lots of support and comfort, especially for carrying larger babies for longer durations of time. Double layer slings take longer to break in but they get nice and comfy once they are. Read more about our them on our fabrics page.


Q: Is the sling portable?

A : Yes, it can easily be wrapped up and fit inside a diaper bag or purse. 


Q. What is the length of your slings?

A. Our slings are about 74 inches long 


Q: Are you compliant? 

A: Yes, we are CPSIA compliant and members of the BCIA. 


More questions?